Road widening work in Tawang carried out on A1 defence land: Army

ITANAGAR, 25 Jun: Reacting to the report that army authorities obstructed the widening of the road near the circuit house in Tawang, the Indian Army on Friday said that, as per the defence land records, the piece of land near the circuit house where the widening of road was being undertaken is A1 defence land which was ratified during a joint survey carried out by the defence estate officer and civil officials and acknowledged during the civil-military conference on 3 October, 2014.

“The digging/construction on this piece of defence land was being undertaken since 22 June, 2021, which was objected to by the local military authorities. The PWD officials were informed that the subject piece of

┬áland belongs to the ministry of defence and the construction on the same be stopped and the matter be discussed duly, verifying the records held with both agencies,” Guwahati (Assam)-based Defence PRO Lt Col P Khongsai informed in a release.

“Local military authorities also reiterated that the Indian Army firmly believes in bonhomie with the people of Tawang and is committed to the wellbeing of the local populace and has the highest respect for their concerns and aspirations,” the PRO said.