Pioneer of Christianity in Adi belt remembered 

[ Litem Eshi Ori ]

RUKSIN, 27 Jun: Yayi Topa Taying, one of the pioneers of Christianity in the Adi belt, who also assisted the British soldiers during World War-II in Burma as a porter, was remembered by his family members and well-wishers in Ngorlung village in Ruksin circle of East Siang district.

Born in Pongging village in Upper Siang in 1918, Taying passed away on 23 June, 2020.

He had been recruited twice as a porter during World War-II to assist the British soldiers.

Taying embraced Christianity in November 1967 and took baptism at Gogamukh in Assam in 1968.

The first Adi Baptist church conference was held in Ngorlung village in 1972 under his leadership. He also became the longest serving president of the Ngorlung Baptist church in the erstwhile undivided Siang district for a period of 27 years.

Taying migrated from Pongging to Mikong village in 1950, and then further shifted to Goklung, presently known as Niglok village, in Ruksin circle in 1955. He had finally settled down in Ngorlung village in 1957.

His was one among the 12 families who first settled down in Ngorlung village.