Implement containment zone orders

The administration of districts across the state on a regular basis declares those areas where maximum cases of Covid-19 positive cases are detected as ‘containment zones’.
The authorities of the Itanagar capital region (ICR) have also declared various areas as containment zones from time-to-time when cases rise.
Often the DC in its order declares that no unauthorized persons shall be allowed to enter or exit from the areas declared as containment zones without prior approval from the authorities and that police will regulate movement in such areas. The citizens are to remain home quarantined for 14 days.
However, to the utter disbelief of everyone these orders are never implemented properly at ground.

Only on paper are they declared as containment zones and activities restricted.
The ground realities are quite different. The people continue to freely move around. No police check posts are set up and the order of the DC is not properly implemented. It is a total failure and could be one of the main reasons for the continued rise in the number of Covid cases in the ICR. The capital administration should stop making mockery of the containment measures. If they are not serious about implementing the measures better, they should stop issuing containment orders in the newspapers. They are becoming a laughing stock for sure.
It is unwise to expect citizens to voluntarily follow the containment measures. The administration needs to clamp down and strictly implement the rule in all the areas which are declared as containment zones.