Growing cybercrime in the state

In a shocking incident, morphed pictures of Chief Minister Pema Khandu and a woman, were circulated on WhatsApp. The state police immediately swung into action and arrested three people in this regard. This kind of cybercrime is on the rise in the state. Many such incidents have been reported from various parts of the state.

In most instances, it is the women who are victims. This kind of misuse of technology to cause harm to the image of people is fraught with danger. It traumatizes the victim and their family members.

This time the state’s top political boss, Chief Minister Pema Khandu has become the victim of cyber-crime. There is no clarity over what was the motive behind such an act. But it looks like this has been done to politically harm his image. In a democracy, it is fine to have political differences. The citizens and political opponents have every right to criticize the chief minister.

However, such cheap tricks should be avoided. The morphing of pictures with the intention to cause damage to the reputation of a person is a serious crime under cyber law.

With cyber-crime growing in the state, the government should provide new technology to the police to take on these cybercriminals.