Major announcement by IMC mayor

In a big relief the Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC), Mayor Tame Phassang on Saturday announced that the IMC will fix the drainage and solid waste management systems in its jurisdiction by August 2022. This is a massive announcement and all the citizens of the Itanagar capital region (ICR) will wait anxiously to see whether the promise is fulfilled or not. In recent years, due rampant urbanization, the ICR has been facing problems in managing solid waste. Proper disposal of garbage has become a major challenge for the ICR.

The solid waste dumping grounds located along the Hollongi-Itanagar and the Nirjuli-Banderdewa roads have become a major eyesore. They are also causing massive pollution to the surrounding areas. The solid waste management plan in Chimpu has miserably failed. Similarly, the poor drainage system in the ICR has emerged as a major challenge.

Due to the poor drainage system, the roads often get damaged. Everybody has seen how, during the monsoon season, the streets of Itanagar are filled with rain due to poor drainage system. Therefore, the announcement of the IMC mayor that the problem of drainage and solid waste management systems will be solved by August 2022 has given hope to the citizens of the ICR. Now everyone will be eagerly waiting for the words of the mayor to turn into reality.