Org seeks reconstruction of drainage system

ITANAGAR, 26 Jul: The All Arunachal Motor Transport Federation (AAMTF) has appealed to the ICR DC to direct the Nirjuli PWD highway division to reconstruct the drainage system between Chandranagar and Raj Bhavan (Mithun Gate) to make space for parking.

In a letter to the DC, the AAMTF said that “the highway from Chandranagar to Raj Bhavan has no proper parking place due to lack of proper maintenance of drainage system and the drainage is not at the level of the road, causing parking congestion.”

It requested the DC to direct the department concerned and the work agency to maintain the norms of the four-lane guidelines.

Urging the DC to “consider future development of Package C of the four-lane highway (Papu Nallah to Banderdewa),” the federation said that the four-lane construction should have a proper drainage system, parking places and pedestrian paths.

“If possible, evict the illegally constructed houses and buildings near the road, so that a proper road may be constructed without any dispute and misunderstanding,” the AAMTF said, and offered its support in the matter.