GoAP playing with fire

The state government is going ahead with conducting the Combined Graduate Level Examination-2021, to be conducted by the APSSB. The examination will be held on 1 August across the state. This is being conducted at a time when Covid-19 cases are rising at an alarming rate across the state. The ICR administration has been carrying out training for the invigilators. In this also, a large number of invigilators are gathering at DK Convention Hall for the training.

These gatherings have the potential to cause further spread of Covid-19. On the day of the examination, a massive number of candidates will gather at various centres of the state. In the ICR only, there are many centres where thousands of candidates will appear for the examination. This, even as the ICR has been seeing Covid positivity rate of above 12 percent consistently for the last 15 days. The state government is playing with fire by conducting the APSSB examination at this juncture. The government of India has cancelled various examinations, including the prestigious UPSC. Why is the state government in a hurry to conduct the APSSB examination in the middle of a pandemic? If tomorrow the number of Covid cases and the number of deaths rise because of conducting this examination, who will take the blame?