BRO repairs Yarlung-Lamang road

ITANAGAR, 31 Jul: The Border Roads Organization (BRO) repaired the Yarlung-Lamang road in Shi-Yomi district recently.

The road had been breached at multiple locations on 26 July due to incessant rain.

The BRO’s Project Brahmank mobilized its engineer task force

and quick response team, comprising skilled manpower and equipment, and took up round-the-clock restoration work.

The line of communication was restored on 27 July for pedestrians, and transshipment facility was provided to the armed forces personnel, so that ration and medical supplies would reach the troops deployed in the forward areas.

Connectivity for light vehicles was restored on 28 July. The BRO has deployed resources to ensure full connectivity by 3 August.

“The road under Project Brahmank was inaugurated on 17 June this year, and it is a strategically important road for the armed forces personnel posted in the forward areas, as well as the villages,” the Tezpur (Assam)-based defence PRO said.