Gundhi bugs observed in rice fields: ICAR

ITANAGAR, 3 Aug: The ICAR’s Northeast regional research complex in Leparada HQ Basar has informed that Gundhi bugs have been observed in the paddy fields of the rice-producing districts of Arunachal.

“Gundhi bugs are observed in the fields and their population is likely to increase in the coming week due to the favourable weather condition,” the ICAR centre said in its agro-meteorological advisory bulletin on Tuesday.

Gundhi bugs are insect pests of rice and suck fluid from young shoots, leaves, florets and soft grains. They suck the milk from developing grains and stems in the early stage of grain formation.

The ICAR centre advised the farmers to practice the traditional ‘dead frog trap method’, in which dead frogs or local toads are hanged in the field to repel Gundhi bugs.

It also advised the farmers to “regularly monitor for stem-borer and black-bug infestation.”

The rice cultivators have been advised to apply Triazophos 40 EC @ 4ml/litre of water if infestation is observed.