Cleanliness drive organized

NGOPOK, 7 Aug: Members of SHG Ute Raseng Village Organization (URVO) took part in a cleanliness drive at the government upper primary school here in East Siang district on Saturday, in collaboration with the school management committee.

URVO general secretary Alat Langkam informed that the organization is divided into small groups and each group is involved in weaving cloths and galeys, besides cultivating cash crops like maize, mustard, ginger, etc.

“Nowadays, the women in the villages are not dependent on their husbands’ incomes for daily basic needs but are self-dependent through SHG activities,” she informed.

URVO president Ainam Yirang said that the organization is actively engaged in helping out the medical teams from time to time, besides playing a proactive role in the Covid vaccination programme, dengue and malaria awareness campaigns, and the anti-drugs movement.

“It is also working against the injustices meted out to women, children and the poor people of the villages,” she said.