Nat’l webinar on NEP-2020 held

RONO HILLS, 8 Aug: Over 100 students, researchers, academicians and teachers from various districts of Arunachal and other parts of India participated in a national webinar themed ‘NEP-2020 and the primacy of elementary education’, organized recently by Rajiv Gandhi University’s (RGU) sociology department.

Addressing the participants through a message, RGU Vice Chancellor Prof Saket

Kushwaha said that, “without changing the mindset, one cannot envisage any positive change. One has to stay firm on ground and explore more and more for better outcomes.”

RGU Pro-VC Prof Amitava Mitra said that elementary education serves as “positive externalities to the society and its rejuvenation under NEP-2020.” He also highlighted the use of mother tongues at the elementary education level under the new education policy.

Registrar Dr NT Rikam spoke on the difficulties and challenges of online academic engagements, but also stressed that “we need to adapt and continue with such exercises.”

Prof AK Jha of Lucknow-based BB Ambedkar University highlighted the “conceptual issues of elementary education and its re-conceptualization under NEP-2020 at the structural, procedural and institutional level.”

Highlighting the importance of “educational socialization, especially among the tribals,” he stressed on “recognizing multiple intelligence, wherein both teachers and students need to be aware of learning styles to ensure quality education.”