Candidates complain about cheating in RGUCET, RGUPET

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, 10 Aug: Candidates appearing for the Rajiv Gandhi University Common Entrance Test (RGUCET) and the RGU PhD Entrance Test (RGUPET) have claimed that several candidates cheated using mobile phones inside the examination halls at various centres across the state.

A candidate also claimed on social media that they carried phones while sitting for the exams. Another candidate was reportedly caught using a mobile phone at Dera Natung Government College. Some claimed that those who were caught were let off after a mere warning by the invigilators.

Also claiming the same, a PhD aspirant said, “I would not mind if I was not selected had the competitors played fair, but I will be disheartened if non-deserving candidates get seats by cheating.”

A BEd candidate said there was no frisking of students, while others said that they were not asked for their admit card or identification card.

Reportedly, many candidates were allowed to bring their belongings, such as purses and satchels, to the exam halls.

“Complaints of cheating, using mobile phones and proxy candidates have come from several other exam centres and not only RGU. These include DNGC, JNC, DPGC, SCC, GCB, etc,” RGU Research Scholars’ Forum general secretary Prem Taba informed.

However, an invigilator on condition of anonymity said that they tried their best to perform their duties, and that, if someone had seen any cheating going on, they should have informed the invigilators.

“Being harsh on the candidates also leads to threats, and if we go soft, we are criticized,” they said.

Infuriated with the administrative failure of RGU, Taba said: “If the accusations are found to be true, the exams should be re-conducted. Why should deserving students be deprived of their seats due to such exam hall laxity?”

Pointing out that the exam fees were an extravagant Rs 700 per head for approximately 1,100 applicants, Taba said that, with the approximately Rs 7.7 lakhs thus collected, the university could have arranged mobile phone jammers or sufficient security at all the exam centres.

This daily tried to contact the RGU authorities regarding the allegations but did not receive a response.

The RGUCET and the RGUPET are currently underway at various centres from 4 August and are expected to continue till 13 August.