GoAP should consider ITWs’ woes

The members of the Itanagar Traffic Wardens (ITW) on Monday took out a rally in Itanagar, seeking full-fledged induction into the traffic cell, Itanagar. The rally caused chaos in the streets as Itanagar and Naharlagun witnessed heavy traffic jams. These ITWs play a very important role in managing traffic in the Itanagar capital region (ICR). At present there are 158 traffic wardens manning traffic on the roads of the ICR. Their contribution is immense in improving the traffic scenario. The state government needs to give a patient hearing to the grievances of the ITWs.

The demand for induction into the traffic cell, Itanagar should be considered. This will lead to better coordination between the traffic cell and the ITWs. The traffic police are well aware of the traffic issues and they will be better placed to handle the ITWs. It may not be possible to regularize the jobs of all the ITWs, but the government can still make some effort for their betterment. But the state government should consider increasing their salaries. They deserve to be better paid. Further, the government should provide the latest equipment for better management of traffic. Also, with the construction of the four-lane highway completed in the Itanagar township area, the state government should consider installing a modern traffic signal system. This will help in better management of traffic.