Rule of law should be equal

On Thursday, massive gatherings were witnessed at various locations in Itanagar capital region (ICR) during the visit of Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju, who is an MP from the western parliamentary constituency of the state.

A few days ago, another major event, a Tiranga yatra by the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) commemorating the 75th Independence Day also saw a major gathering of people.

This even as Covid-19 restrictions are still in place.

The ICR administration continues to impose night curfew in view of rising Covid-19 cases in the capital region. The district administration regularly conducts checks and imposes penalties on those who do not wear masks and violate social distancing norms. Many organizations have been denied permission to conduct protests and rallies citing Covid protocols.

It seems there is a separate law for the ruling party and ordinary citizens. While ordinary citizens are heavily penalized for breaking restrictions, no action is initiated against leaders and workers of the ruling BJP.

This kind of VIP culture should be avoided. The district administration should lift all kinds of restrictions. If not, the rule of law should be applied equally to every citizen. Everyone is aware of the threat posed by Covid-19. But why should only ordinary citizens follow protocols while VVIPs and VIPs along with their supporters continue to violate protocols without being punished?

This is absolutely unfair and smacks of VIP culture.