APCC accuses GoAP of neglecting remote villages

ITANAGAR, 31 Aug: The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has criticized the state BJP government’s indifference towards remote villages, particularly in terms of road connectivity.

Citing the example of the road in Old Changlang village in Changlang district, which it said is in a ramshackle state since 2015, the APCC said: “Since 2015, ordinary people have been forced to clear the damaged, dilapidated and ramshackle road in Old Changlang village, using whatever little means they could get. Every year, during monsoon, the road gets terribly damaged, making it extremely difficult for people to commute.”

It said it is always the locals who take up the re-soiling and re-carpeting work on their own, “with bare sand shingle, that also brought with dumper (truck) provided by PWD Changlang on the request by village youth/intellectual of Old Changlang village.”

The APCC said similar conditions prevail in other villages in Changlang block.

“It is a daily struggle to commute between Changlang SP office and Khuchep village. The road has become a nightmare, especially for pregnant women, patients who need urgent medical help, and school going children and the elderly,” it said, and urged the state government to “wake up from its deep slumber and start working for the people.”