It’s time engineers introspect

Three people have been arrested so far in the Seppa-Chayang Tajo NEC road scam by the vigilance department’s Special Investigation Cell (SIC). The arrested include two former executive engineers of PWD Tare Murtem and Doba Jini and one representative of a private firm. The police are looking for the present executive engineer of Chayang Tajo PWD, Nyakpu Yangfo.

The multi crore Seppa-Chayang Tajo NEC road scam is one of the biggest scams to hit the state. Due to this scam, the Seppa to Chayang Tajo road has not been completed.

The ordinary citizens have suffered a lot. Three executive engineers of PWD are emerging as major accused in this scam, including an incumbent one. This has seriously dented the image of the engineering fraternity of the state. The engineers of the state often face allegations of corruption and poor execution of projects. It is alleged that the majority of infrastructure projects in the state fail due to corrupt practices of the engineers. Such an allegation is disrespectful to those engineers who are working sincerely in their chosen career.

However, it is time the engineering community of the state to deeply introspect. The allegation of percentage collection, poor execution of projects, etc are often leveled on them. They need to regain the confidence of the people by executing projects on time without expecting anything in return from contractors. They should strictly monitor the work and ensure quality work. The state government pays them a respectable salary and they should be happy with it. Living a decent respectable life is better than landing in jail for corrupt practices. By the way, this stands true for every citizen, including contractors, politicians, government servants, etc.