Revoke suspension order

The suspension of associate professor of DNGC Narendra Pramanik over alleged gross negligence during the APSSB exam held from 17-18 July, during which a female candidate was caught red-handed using a mobile phone inside the examination hall, is turning into a major controversy.

The commissioner education suspended him for allegedly violating the standard operating procedures of the APSSB by engaging private teachers for invigilation duty. Prof Paramanik has denied the charges.

Arunachal Pradesh College Teachers’ Association and All-Arunachal Pradesh Polytechnic Teachers’ Association have sought immediate revocation of the suspension order.

The students of DNGC, including its alumni have all rallied behind prof Pramanik. The reason cited for his suspension is highly debatable. The education commissioner should have given second thought before suspending him. This kind of action will demoralize the exam invigilators in future. Prof Pramanik took great risk by stopping a candidate from using foul means during a competitive exam. He put his own safety at risk by performing his duty sincerely. Instead of rewarding him, Education Commissioner Niharika Rai suspended him reportedly based on the suggestion of the APSSB. The education department has become a laughing stock in the eyes of the masses. Before further damage is done they should reinstate Prof Praminik and revoke his suspension order.