Society renovating dilapidated GSS

AALO, 23 Sep: The Paktu Ete Bango Government Employees Welfare Society (PEBGEWS) is carrying out massive renovation work on the dilapidated government secondary school (GSS) in Pobdi here in West Siang district.

The school caters to the academic needs of students from Bene, Wak, Kugi Pomse, Kugi Pomte, Paya and Gune Baane villages within the Paktu Ete Bango.

PEBGEWS general secretary Tumto Ete informed that 325 government employees from seven villages have contributed a day’s salary for the maintenance of the school.

He said that the endeavour is to “contribute back to the school that was instrumental in shaping and moulding the destinies of people of the areas.”

The entire SPT school building is in a very poor shape as it has outlived its utility. The boys’ hostel, constructed many years back, is decaying and the girls’ hostel too is in need of repair to accommodate the students from all feeder schools. At present the school has 18 teachers. (DIPRO)