Create TIO, DTO posts


As a frustrated tourism unemployed youth taking advantage of the International Tourism Day, I would like to present the following points before the public and the government.

Half of the districts of the state are without regular district tourism officer (DTO) and tourist information officer (TIO). But hundreds of tourism youths are sitting at home as frustrated unemployed.

One DTO is holding charge of 2-3 districts or additional charge of DTO has been given to other officers.

In the last 20 years, not a single post of DTO has been advertised, and it takes around 5-6 years for advertisement of TIO, but there is no guarantee that after 5 years, the post of TIO will be advertised.

Every year, every department advertises their vacant posts through the APPSC, except the department of tourism.

Almost every tourism minister in his tenure has advertised some vacancies, but three years of the current tourism department is almost over but not a single post has been advertised.

The Arunachal Unemployed Tourism Students’ Union has submitted representations to the authorities concerned with regard to advertisement of DTO and TIO many times, but nothing has happened so far.

We unemployed tourism youths are being made to feel that it was the biggest mistake to study tourism because we can see that our friends who have studied engineering, agriculture, forestry, commerce, etc, have better job scopes in the government sector. Almost every year, job advertisements are released for them. The unemployed tourism youths get such opportunity once in five to six years, but that too is uncertain. Tourism subject is also not included in the APPSCCE.

Our state government always talks about promoting tourism but always forgets about the issues of the poor unemployed youths who have studied tourism. It seems that we are being sidelined when it is about government jobs. All we want is just a chance to appear in the competitive exam for DTOs and TIOs.

Therefore, we once again appeal to our chief minister to think over our issue also and do the needful.

A tourism graduate