Don’t protect people involved in corrupt practices

Chayang Tajo PWD Division Executive Engineer (EE) Nyakpu Yangfo, one of the alleged accused in the Seppa-Chayang Tajo NEC road construction and improvement scam, recently surrendered before the district & sessions court in Bomdila (West Kameng). The Special Investigation Cell (Vigilance) had been looking for him ever since the pace picked up in the investigation of this scam. Earlier, the SIC arrested Nacho PWD Division EE Tare Murtem, PWD SE-cum-former Bameng PWD Division EE Doba Jini and Hyderabad-based M/s DRB Infrastructure Pvt Ltd’s MD Ramesh Babu. The multi-crore Seppa-Chayang Tajo NEC road construction and improvement scam is one of the biggest scams to have hit the state.

In recent months, the SIC has made swift progress in the case. The arrest of several people has given hope that the case will see a logical end. The SIC has raised the bar of expectations by going tough against the people alleged to be involved in the scam. Now it needs to ensure that a proper case is prepared, so as to make sure that all the culprits involved in the scam are punished for their crime. These people have deprived the people of East Kameng of a very important road by failing to complete the project. The government should recover the stolen money from them and complete the project with it. There should not be any compromise in such kind of corruption. The clan-, tribe- and area-based groups should refrain from protecting the people involved in corrupt practices.