Major projects need a push from the govt

Chief Minister Pema Khandu recently reviewed the progress of the major schemes being implemented in the state during an e-Pragati meeting. The important schemes reviewed include construction of district hospitals, the Joram-Koloriang, Yangte-Tali and Hunli-Anini roads, the Hollongi airport, etc. The chief minister had publicly announced that he would provide a road connection to Tali at the earliest. Even though it is one of the oldest administrative circle headquarters, Tali is yet to be connected by road. This has forced people to migrate to the capital region. A bridge over the Kumey river has collapsed twice, thereby prolonging the effort to provide road connectivity.

The people of Tali are still waiting for the chief minister to fulfil his promise of providing road connectivity. Hopefully, the work will be speeded up due to the push from the CM. Further, the progress of the Joram-Koloriang road also needs a push from the top level. This road is very important strategically also. Kurung Kumey shares international boundaries with China. The Joram-Koloriang highway project has not achieved the target. The work has been delayed for the last many years. This highway should be taken up on priority by the state government. The e-Pragati meeting, which is conducted regularly to review the implementation of various schemes, is a good initiative. More such review meetings should be conducted to ensure that all the major developmental projects are completed on time, and that quality is not compromised.