Condemnable act of arson

The alleged torching of a gonpa in Riwotala in Upper Siang district by unknown miscreants is a highly condemnable incident, and the Tuting Memba Welfare Society and the Khamba Welfare Society have demanded that the culprits involved in it be brought to justice. So far, the police have not made any arrests and the case is being investigated. This is the first incident of such nature that has been reported in the state. The burning down of a gonpa, which is a place of worship for the Buddhist community, is highly condemnable.

Arunachal Pradesh is a very secular state and this kind of incident should be discouraged and condemned by all sections of the society. Arunachal and its people are known for religious tolerance. There should not be any place for religious fanatics in the Arunachal society. The police should fast-track the investigation into the torching down of the gonpa and take strict action against the people involved in it. The Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum, the apex tribal body of the state, should look into the case and take up the matter at the highest level. The growing instances of religious intolerance in the state are a matter of deep concern. Community- and clan-based organizations should de-radicalize extremely radicalized religious tribal people.