Officials of Atmanirbhar line depts inspect cluster farming project

KHELA, 1 Nov: A team of officials from various line departments of the Atmanirbhar project, led by DRDA Project Director Hakresha Kri inspected the cluster farming project at Khela gram panchayat in Tirap district on Monday.

The farmers of Khela village, as part of the Atmanirbhar project, sowed potato crop in the presence of Kri, DAO P Khoisia, HDO Tolong Sumnyan and APO (RE) Telem Kitnya.

Later, during a meeting with the farmers, Kri assured them of facilitating proper marketing of the products and advised them to adopt cash crops instead of traditional shifting cultivation for a sustainable livelihood.

The DAO and the HDO advised the farmers to adopt cash crops with the help of the horticulture and agriculture departments, and gave technical guidance to the participants.

Khonsa CD Block BDO Jangpong Tangjang informed that, under the Rs 10 lakhs Atmanirbhar cluster farming project, a total of 124 households of Khela gram panchayat will benefit. (DIPRO)