India needs innovative ways to deal with climate change

Climate change is emerging as the biggest threat to humanity. In recent years, Arunachal Pradesh has also experienced the effects of climate change. The erratic weather, which includes unusual heavy rain and extreme heat condition, has hit the state hard. In this regard, India’s pledge to cut down its emissions to net zero by 2070 – missing a key goal of the COP26 summit for countries to commit to reaching that target by 2050 – is interesting. PM Narendra Modi made the announcement at Glasgow during the summit.

Modi is one of more than 120 leaders to have gathered in Glasgow for the two week conference. This is quite a significant step for the world’s third-largest emitter, still getting more than 50 percent of the country’s electricity from coal. China has announced plans for carbon neutrality by 2060, while the US and the EU aim to hit net zero by 2050. This dependence on coal for electricity will continue to haunt the effort to cut down the emissions. India will have to really come up with innovative ways to end dependence on coal and petroleum products. Electric vehicles should be promoted in a big way. Still, now the majority of vehicles on Indian roads are either petrol- or diesel-based. Climate change as a subject is not being given enough importance by the government of India. More money should be spent to tackle the ever-growing danger of climate change. Prime Minister Modi has made an ambitious pledge at Glasgow. Now the whole world will be waiting to see how India goes ahead with the plan.