Org alleges use of substandard materials for road construction

DIYUN, 2 Nov: The Chakma Youth Federation of Arunachal Pradesh (CYFAP) on Tuesday demanded an inquiry against the contractor for using substandard materials in the construction of the Manabhum-Tinali road project in Diyun in Changlang district.

The CYFAP said that the use of poor quality materials for the construction of the road was detected by a team of the federation during a visit to the construction site.

“The road is lifeline for the people. No construction or repair has been undertaken for a long time. When the construction was finally undertaken, it is unfortunate that the contractor is using poor quality materials. It is clearly a waste of public money,” stated the CYFAP.

The contract for the road’s construction was awarded to the contractor by the PWD, it said.

The CYFAP requested the PWD and the administration to immediately conduct an on-the-spot inspection and take steps to ensure that the road is constructed using good quality materials.