APCSOA serves 2-week ultimatum to CS to convene DPC meet

ITANAGAR, 9 Nov: The Arunachal Pradesh Civil Service Officers Association (APCSOA) in a letter to the chief secretary on Tuesday served two weeks’ ultimatum to convene the departmental promotion committee (DPC) meeting of the APCS officers, failing which, the association said, it would be left with no alternative but to launch a democratic movement to register its protest.

The association lashed out at the higher authorities for not convening the DPC meeting for almost a year now, as a result which, it said, many APCS officers are being deprived of their promotional avenues.

The APCSOA alleged that the authorities at the higher level have been turning a deaf ear to its repeated pleas over the last six months for convening the DPC meeting.

“It is made to understand from the personnel department that the DPC meeting has been deferred on three occasions, citing one flimsy reason or the other by the higher authority. It is not understood why the DPC meeting has been delayed for so long, despite the clear order of the government to conduct it in every six months,” the letter said.

“The APCSOA is pained to serve this ultimatum before the appropriate authority for early convening of DPC meeting to consider the promotion of APCS officers in all grades within the period of two weeks. If the authority fails to address the issue within the stipulated period, the APCSOA will be left with no option than to proceed with democratic movement to register its anguish,” the letter said.