WKF grants affiliation to KIO

ITANAGAR, 30 Nov: The Arunachal Pradesh Amateur Karate Association (APAKA) in a press release stated that the World Karate Federation (WKF) – the only international body of karate sport recognized by the IOC – has granted permanent affiliation to the Karate Organization of India (KIO).

The decision was taken by the WKF Congress during the World Senior Championships, which was held in Dubai, UAE, on 15 November.

“Consequently, we urge Indian Olympic Association (IOC) to recognize without further delay WKF member in India – Karate Organization India (KIO) – in accordance with the Olympic Charter Rule 28,” WKF president Antonio Espinsos said in a letter to Indian Olympic Association president Narinder Dhruv Batra.

The WKF Congress also decided to permanently disaffiliate the old organization – the Karate Association of India (KAI) – ratifying the decision already taken by the WKF executive committee to provisionally disaffiliate the KAI, the WKF said.

Meanwhile, the KIO has granted affiliation to the APAKA, headed by Yarda Niki as its president, and authorized the association to participate in all activities of the KIO.

Niki said that KIO president Vijay Tiwari and general secretary Sanjeev Jangra have assured all the karate players, trainers and karate lovers that they will make every effort for the development of karate in India.