Improve existing circle, ADC HQs

Chief Minister Pema Khandu, who is on a whirlwind tour to various parts of the state, has been assuring people of the creation of new circle headquarters. During his recent visit to East Kameng, West Kameng and Shi-Yomi, he announced the establishment of several new circle headquarters. Arunachal Pradesh is the biggest state in the NE region and is widely spread. People want administrative offices in their nearest places. No wonder so many demands for circle, ADC headquarters, and new districts keep pouring in. The state government is flooded with these requests.
However, the government should be careful while accepting these demands. At present, there are many circle and ADC headquarters which were created a few years ago but are not functioning. Lack of officers, as well as lack of funds for the creation of infrastructure, is cited as the main reason for the failure. The state government should first ensure that all the existing circle and ADC headquarters are properly established. Enough manpower should be posted and funds made available for the creation of infrastructure. Only after that, new circle and ADC headquarters should be sanctioned.