Assam, Arunachal police should work jointly against interstate crimes

The murder of two brothers, namely, Toko Riyam and Toko Ratam, in Harmuti in Assam has shocked the whole state. The Assam police have arrested one person so far in the case and more arrests are expected in the coming days. Even though the investigation is going on, an Assam police source has suggested that the murder might be related to drug abuse. This is a deeply worrying development. The number of crimes is increasing in the areas located along the Assam-Arunachal boundary.

Places like Harmuti and Banderdewa are becoming hubs of crimes, including drug smuggling into the state capital region. The porous boundary makes it easy for criminals to operate along the interstate boundary. The murder of brothers Toko Riyam and Toko Ratam in Harmuti is a grim reminder of how criminals are operating without any fear of the law.

There is a greater need for cooperation between the Assam and Arunachal Pradesh police to contain crime along the interstate boundary. Especially in areas like Banderdewa, Gumto, Hollongi, Likabali, Kimin, Namsai, etc, the police of both districts should join hands together. Better coordination between the police officials of both the districts will not only help in the fight against crimes but also lead to improvement in the relation between the two states.