Sona urges people to engage in agri-horti activities

MONIGONG, 6 Dec: Legislative Assembly Speaker Pasang D Sona on Sunday exhorted the people of Shi-Yomi district to engage in agriculture and horticulture activities to generate a sustainable economy.

Attending the Podi Barbi festival celebration here, Sona said that “Shi-Yomi district, particularly Monigong, Pidi, Tato and Rapum circles, are very fertile compared to Mechukha and conducive for agriculture and horticulture activities.”

Sona lauded the Boh, Bokar and Ramo communities for

maintaining their aged-old culture and tradition through the festival.

“Loss of culture is loss of identity. Similarly, loss of language is the greatest loss any society can suffer,” Sona said, and stressed on the importance of preservation of mother language.

“Learning other languages is good, but one should never forget their own mother language as it is our identity,” he said, exhorting parents to train their children to speak in their own dialects.

Reiterating that the state government is committed to the development of the area, Sona appealed to the public not to shy away from their duties and focus on quality control of various developmental projects coming up in the district.

Earlier, a colourful ‘mega dance’ was presented by the students and women of Monigong. The main attraction was the ritual performance and offering of prayers at the Podi Barbi altar for universal peace and a bumper harvest of crops in the coming years.

Among others, the DC, the SP and the Monigong ZPM attended the celebration. (Speaker’s PR Cell)