Judge orders sealing of PWD WZ CE’s office

ITANAGAR, 5 Jan: Papum Pare (Yupia) District Judge Nani Grayu has passed an order to attach/seal the office of the PWD’s western zone (WZ) chief engineer (CE), located at Mowb-II here, in a money execution petition (No 04/2019) filed by M/s Tama Fabrication Works against the state of Arunachal Pradesh and others.

The execution petition was filed by the petitioner through its counsel J Doji for payment of arbitral award of Rs 3,60,28,997 and interest thereof on 21 October, 2019.

On receipt of the notice, the judgment debtors/department had filed a reply through their engaged counsel.

During the course of hearing of the case for the last two years, the court had given enough time to the judgment debtors/CE PWD (WZ) either to pay the amount to the petitioner or to deposit the amount to the court, which was not availed by the department.

On 6 April, 2021, the court directed the judgment debtors to submit their movable and immovable properties to the court, which can be attached/ sealed and auctioned for recovery of the arbitral award amount.

The judgment debtors filed a list of property details, disclosing the assets of the department, in an affidavit showing the main office complex of the PWD WZ on 10 and 14 December, 2021.

The district judge directed the Itanagar Capital Region DC to carry out the formalities of attachment/sealing of the entire building of the CE within two weeks, with Tuesday being the first day, and to submit the compliance report to the court immediately.

“The DC may take the help of police, if they feel necessary, to enforce the aforesaid order,” the order read.

The judge also sent a copy of the order, along with the notice, to the PWD WZ CE for the purpose of proclamation to sell the attached/sealed property by way of public auction.