To the patriots

— Km.KristinaYommin
Cl-IX, VKV Roing
LDV Dist. Arunachal Pradesh

The land we seek refuge in
The land that provided us a reason to begin
Liberty, prosperity and sanctity
All gifted to us from her within.
Patriotism lies in each one of us
Like every other emotion
That settles in our heart.
From the moment we occur on earth
All of us are filled with love for the soil
That we learned to walk
Our very first step on.
I do not claim to be a patriot
For patriotism requires courage
Which I surely lack being rather average
But I do love this country.
For all the love and memories I treasure
All I can do is be a raconteur
For the ones who do have courage
As for this poem- It is to them
The ones dying yet fighting
For the land we all hold dear.
This is to tell them
Their proximity in this country
Is a wondrous miracle
To all the soldiers who die in a battle
In the terrains of rain and thorn and pain.
Oh! this is to tell you
That every person in this country
Has become a raconteur
Telling on your oracle
To millions of generations passing by.
Your sacrifices will never be forgotten
For eons you saved our land
From being trodden.