Improve fire control

Winter brings terrible news of fire incidents from across the state. Sometimes entire villages have been burnt down in fire accidents and precious lives lost. It is easy for fire to spread as houses are in very close proximity in most villages.

Fire accidents are not predictable but if safety measures are taken, it should not be too difficult to avert an accident.

In many villages, there are regular reminders during evening to mind the fire using various indigenous methods.

Such a practice is not possible in urban areas. However, preventive measures are possible. One of the major causes of fire accidents is electrical short-circuit. Therefore it is necessary that regular checks and repairs are carried out to avoid devastating losses incurred by fire.

Rebuilding lives after fire accidents is not easy as the concept of insurance is almost nil.

Also, the government seriously needs to improve fire fighting measures and equipment. There is severe scarcity of fire tenders, personnel and stations.

According to details provided in the Arunachal Pradesh Police website, the total number of fire tenders is not even 30 and there are only 11 fire stations.

The numbers should be drastically increased and more personnel should be trained, as the state is known for regular occurrence of fire accidents.