Two-wheeler donated to CHC

LONGDING, 22 Jan: A two-wheeler was donated to the health department here on Saturday by PSK Enterprises proprietor Abo Wangpan.

Wangpan handed over the key of the motorcycle to Longding DMO Dr Worar Taku, in the presence of DRCHO Dr Aza Miyu and the medical staff of the CHC here.

He lauded the health department for its hard work, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, and stated that he accepted “the genuine demand of DMO Longding for the motorcycle, which would be used for delivery of vaccines in every cold chain point of the district.”

Dr Taku said that the motorcycle is not only cost effective but will also help in delivering vaccines on time. He informed that a separate group of staff has been tasked with delivering the vaccines to all cold chain points.

Earlier, the MOs in far-flung areas like Pongchau, Wakka, Kanubari, Kamhua Noknu and Launu had to requisition an ambulance or a private vehicle to collect vaccines from the district vaccines store here, which was not only time consuming but also a very costly affair in terms of fuel expenditure and additional deployment of manpower.