Advertise tourism posts   

In the recently concluded budget session, the governor and the deputy chief minister spoke a lot about promotion and importance of tourism in the state. We unemployed tourism graduate youths were in expectation of good news for us, but unfortunately, nothing good was there for us in the budget.
Some years back, the government of Arunachal Pradesh withdrew the posts of finance & account officer, treasury officer and labour officer from the APPSCCE. The reason was that these posts are technical and cannot be held by commoners. And since then, recruitment has been done separately for the posts of FAO and TO by the APPSC. The same thing goes for post of district tourism officer also, but the government is not recruiting personnel with tourism background.
In the last 15-20 years, not a single post of direct recruitment for district tourism officer has been advertised in Arunachal Pradesh, whereas unemployed youths with tourism background have   submitted several representations in this regard to the tourism minister and other authorities concerned. But nothing came out till today. Every year, the APPSC advertises various posts for almost every department, but every time we are deprived of such opportunity.
The government of Arunachal always talks about promotion of tourism in the state, but every time, the state government skips and ignores the grievance of tourism unemployed youths in regard to government employment opportunity. We also deserve government job opportunity like others. Our friends who had studied other subjects are now government employees, but we are still unemployed and dependent on our aged and poor parents for our financial needs, which is very shameful and humiliating for us.
The state government should understand that, because of non-advertisement of DTO and TIO, the unemployed tourism youths are in pain and frustrated.
Therefore, unemployed youths who have done tourism course want to say that we are also human beings and deserve government job opportunities. We appeal to the chief minister to please fill up all the vacant posts of DTO and TIO by releasing advertisement for these posts.
An unemployed
tourism graduate