The media cannot take sides

In a condemnable incident, Kunu Borang, a reporter with Arunachal First News, was reportedly heckled by a protester in Seppa while covering the water supply issue. Despite limited resources, the press in the state has given wide coverage to Sol Dodum and his courageous fight to seek clean water supply for the people of Seppa township in East Kameng district. The young journalist went all the way from Itanagar to Seppa to make sure that the ground reality is properly reported. This incident of heckling is unfortunate and avoidable.

The people of Arunachal Pradesh should remember that the media cannot take any side. The job of the journalists is to report facts and give space to everyone. This kind of act of trying to bully journalists to take the side of any particular group or person is not a good trend. The media has to remain neutral and report the truth. If the people have issues with the report filed by the reporters, they have every right to raise a protest against it. But there is also a way for it, too. This kind of bullying should be avoided. But at the same time, the journalists also should act responsibly while reporting on the ground. They should stick to the basic ethics of journalism.