Workshop on data-based journalism

ITANAGAR, 9 May: A workshop on data-based journalism by using easily accessible open data to support the regular news coverage by journalists was held here on Monday.

Forty print and electronic media journalists attended the workshop and “took up data and visualisations on the state of Arunachal Pradesh to get insights on topics of all variants, such as Jal Jeevan Mission, electricity, the national family health survey, and other related issues,” according to a press release.

It emerged during the workshop that Dibang Valley district has recorded the highest percentage (62.5) of anaemic women between the ages of 15 and 49 years, and Kra Daddi recorded the lowest 22.6 percent.

The workshop was aimed at popularising the use of data in order to support news stories, and also to promote fact-based news, policymaking, and research.