NEK urges home dept, police to nab killer(s) of T&E inspector

ITANAGAR, 10 May: The Nupang Erang Kebang (NEK), along with the family and relatives of late tax & excise (T&E) inspector Tamik Taki, whose body was found in the Siang river in Tuting circle of Upper Siang district, has requested the home department and the Upper Siang police to speed up the investigation into the alleged murder and deliver justice to the bereaved family.

In a press release, the NEK said that Taki’s body was found with “various wounds and injuries, both the hands tied crossed by GI wire, further tied knot with at least 1,200 mm size boulder and thrown into river Siang at a corner of BFC area, Tuting.”

Taki is survived by his wife and a daughter.

The NEK strongly condemned the heinous crime and said that no stone should be left unturned to crack the case.

“No such cold blooded murder, very horrifying, ruthless crime and in extreme manner been witnessed in modern civilised Adi society. There is absolutely no place for such heinous crime in society and therefore NEK strongly request police department to nab and book the culprits as per existing law of the land,” NEK president Kangkiram Padun said.