Awareness on millet cultivation held

KHUPA, 11 May: KVK Anjaw has organized an awareness programme on millet cultivation for the farmers of the district here on Wednesday. The programme aimed ‘to bring back glory of millets’.

Addressing the participants, Anjaw KVK head Dr. Santosh Kumar said,”Millet cultivation is an age-old practice in Arunachal Pradesh. However, the interest in millet cultivation is declining due to a lack of knowledge regarding the nutritional and medicinal value of it.”

Highlighting the health benefits of millet, he said millets are considered “Nutri-cereals due to their high nutritional value and are known for several health benefits. Some health benefits are attributed to its polyphenol and dietary fibre contents,” he said.

“Millets are climate-resilient and require less water, labour, soil nutrients,” the KVK head said and added that it has the potential to address climate change and food security especially, for hilly areas.

KVK Anjaw also introduced a new high yielding variety of finger millets, VL Madua 379 and 352 and distributed it to more than 15 farmers of the Hayuliang sub-division to celebrate the International Year of millets 2023.