Equitable fund distribution will bring pan-Arunachal development

Chief Minister Pema Khandu recently while attending an ‘Arunachal Yuva Samanvay’ event in Changlang district said that the current trend of thinking for oneself and one’s tribe first should be reversed. He made it clear that only a pan-Arunachal mantra would see the state develop in the true sense. The appeal of the CM to keep the interest of the state ahead and develop a pan-Arunachal identity for development is a good one. Arunachal Pradesh is a diverse state and geographically is the biggest among all the NE states. Different tribes and sub-tribes inhabit this beautiful state.

All of them are fiercely proud of their culture, tradition, and roots. There is no denying that everybody always keeps the interest of their respective tribes ahead. The state has witnessed many incidents of tribes fighting over district creation and development projects too. The appeal of the CM to keep the interest of the state ahead of any other interests makes sense, considering the prevailing situation of the state. But how people of the state react to his appeal will be interesting. For this, perhaps the politicians themselves will have to set an example. The state government should ensure that the interests of every tribe and every district are properly taken care of. No districts should feel like it is being treated step-motherly. The development fund should be equally distributed. This will set the tone for pan-Arunachal development in the true sense.