Tai Khamti-Singpho Council warns against sale and purchase of land by unscrupulous individuals

[ Pisi Zauing ]

NAMSAI, 25 May: The Tai Khamti-Singpho Council (TKSC) has warned against the pertinacious sale and purchase of land perpetrated by unscrupulous individuals particularly, within Namsai township and its adjoining areas.

In the past, a unanimous resolution/order was also passed and widely circulated which prohibited outsiders from purchasing or owning land and other immovable assets within the jurisdiction of Namsai district without obtaining valid permission from the apex body.

A statement of the TKSC claimed that many unscrupulous individuals have flouted the order and are indulging in the business of sale and purchase of land. “There are also reports of government officers temporally posted at Namsai indulging in such activities which is viewed seriously by the apex body. Such forceful practices infested with erroneous intent, if not put to a permanent halt instantly will undoubtedly invite chaos and tension in near future within the communities,” the apex body stated.

It also added that individuals involved in such cases will be solely responsible and shall be dealt with strictly as per law of the land and customary rules as enshrined in TKSC constitution.

“Please be noted that no individual is above society and law. TKSC, in exercise of powers conferred by provisions of its constitution, has constituted ‘Mukchum Save Namsai District,’ a committee to oversee all the cases of illegality being perpetrated within Namsai district. The committee has been authorized to initiate appropriate action in consultation with the apex body. In the process, if any person or party is found guilty of their indulgence in such illegitimate acts, shall be dealt with iron hand,” the TKSC stated while appealing all concerned to abstain from such wrongdoings.

The council further stated that any person or party whosoever has purchased or sold any land or landed asset in recent past without proper authority to any outsider and contemplating to do so, are advised to withdraw or cancel the deal in the common interest of maintaining harmony and peaceful co-existence amongst all communities.

Reiterating its stand, the TKSC has urged the district administration, all sub-divisional and circle officers to take cognizance of their submissions made on several occasions and take prompt action on such reports when brought to their notice.