Lessons from monsoon destruction

The Itanagar capital region (ICR) along with the rest of the state has been hit hard by the monsoon rain. The heavy rainfall witnessed in the last two months has caused massive damage to the public as well as private infrastructure all over the state. Many have lost their lives too. The ICR in particular has been hit hard by the monsoon. The amount of devastation along with the loss of lives witnessed in the ICR region has shocked everyone. It is going to take massive effort especially, to repair and rebuild the road infrastructure in the state.

Unfortunately, even though the state has been hit hard by the monsoon, not a single minister or senior official from the centre has visited Arunachal to take stock of the situation. The people have been left to fend for themselves. Coming back to the issue of the ICR region facing the maximum brunt of monsoon, there is a reason for it. If one closely studies, the majority of landslides that hit ICR are human-made.
As the population grows, people start to settle in very dangerous places. This puts them in immense danger. Also, the reckless earth-cutting without following the norms is another reason for massive landslides being witnessed in the ICR. Sadly, nobody including capital administration seems to learn from tragedies that hit ICR every monsoon. Come winter everyone will forget the tragedy and again reckless earth cutting starts.