Better coordination needed to tackle drug trafficking

The state police have taken the battle against drug trafficking to another level. The special investigation team (SIT) of the Arunachal Pradesh Police arrested one Hemchandra Barman, who is considered to be a big drug peddler who operated along the Banderdewa-Guwahati-Moreh axis. His arrest along with the recovery of heroin worth Rs 1.28 crore in the current market is a massive achievement on the part of the state. In recent years, the state police have launched a massive operation against drug peddling in the state. Besides the SIT, the capital police are also very active in their hot pursuit of drug peddlers.

In the process, many police officials have also been arrested for their involvement in drug peddling and drug abuse. The battle against drugs is going to be a Herculean task. The state police have shown determination to take the battle to the peddlers. There is a need for better coordination among the police forces in the state. The inter-district coordination needs to further improve. Further, the state police should develop coordination with Assam and Nagaland police. It is a well-known fact that the majority of drugs enter Arunachal through these two states. Both are very important routes for peddlers. Today, along with unemployment, drug abuse is emerging as the biggest threat to the youths of the state.