Rectify recruitment process


The post for Agriculture Development Officer was recently notified by APPSC, which clearly stated that only those students graduated from ICAR accredited Universities are eligible. This is an arbitrary decision by the Agriculture Department and APPSC.

ICAR accreditation is mandatory only for higher studies like M.Sc. and PhD. It has never been an essential criteria in job recruitment and never shall be. Moreover, ICAR accreditation and non-accreditation had never been an issue in recruiting ADOs since the inception.

Eligibility criteria should be rectified so that everyone gets a fair chance to compete for the post. Our four years rigorous hard work and parents’ hard earned money all would go in vain if not rectified.

The concerned authorities, both Agriculture Department and APPSC must be aware of the fact that their arbitrary decision will be binding on our career and future prospects and our degree will remain a mere piece of paper.

An Agriculture graduate