K/Kumey DA closes search & rescue op for missing BRO workers

KOLORIANG, 2 Aug: The Kurung Kumey district administration on 1 August officially closed the search and rescue operation for the remaining BRO workers who went missing from a road construction site in Huri in the district.

Of the 19 missing workers, 10 were found alive and rescued, while the dead bodies of five were found in a decomposed condition, and one drowned in the Furak river. The remaining three workers are still missing and their whereabouts are not known.

A statement from Kurung Kumey DC Nighee Bengia on Tuesday informed: “There is no further hope for rescue of remaining three missing labourers as areas/spots were thoroughly searched by the ground search and rescue teams which comprised teams of SDRF, local and the police.

“The inaccessible nature of its locations, inclement weather throughout the month, steep cliffs with deep gorges and threat of venomous snakes also hampered the search and rescue operation,” the statement read.

“The five decomposed dead bodies could be retrieved to Huri/Damin. However, the decomposed dead bodies were disposed of/buried in the vicinity of the dead bodies and followed with due cremation process,” the statement read.

It is learnt that the 10 rescued workers have been sent back to their respective villages in Assam.