Regional committees inspect villages in Dissing Passo circle

ITANAGAR, 2 Sep: The regional committees of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh on the interstate boundary issue, comprising members from Biswanath district (Assam) and Pakke-Kessang district (Arunachal Pradesh), carried out spot verification of disputed areas in Dissing Passo circle of Pakke-Kessang district and held meetings with the locals on Friday.

Arunachal’s regional committee comprised Sports Minister Mama Natung and state BJP president and Pakke-Kessang MLA Biyuram Wahge, and the Assam’s committee comprised Water Resources Minister Piyush Hazarika, Behali MLA Ranjit Dutta and Biswanath MLA Promod Borthakur. The DCs, SPs and DFOs of both the districts were also in the group.

The members visited the disputed areas in Rasso, Dipik, Dikalmukh and Baliso villages, which share a boundary with Biswanath district of Assam.

“Under the leadership of Chief Ministers Pema Khandu and Himanta Biswa Sarma,

both the state governments will solve the boundary issues, which could not be resolved for many decades. We have been directed to ascertain the highest possibilities to resolve the issue and we are hopeful that the matter will be amicably resolved,” said Natung.

Expressing concern about the settlers in the reserved forest in the boundary areas of the two states, Natung informed that “the committees will recommend the same areas for de-reservation to the central government and NGT for consideration.”

“Though it may take time, it would be a success for which the local settlers of both the states have to wait,” he added.

Highlighting the grievances of the local people, Wahge appealed to the Assam government to allow the people of Dikalmukh to use the road through the Behali reserve forest.

“Villagers are facing problems as they are restricted by forest officials. They sometimes also face harassment,” he said.

Hazarika agreed to allow the people of Dikalmukh to use the road “without causing any destruction to the forest and wildlife.”

“Of the four areas, one area is yet to be discussed thoroughly, where the Karbi people are residing. The matter will be reported to the respective state governments to resolve the issues,” said Hazarika.