No sign of Mra, Dao found on second day of aerial S&R op

SEPPA, 11 Sep: No sign of missing mountaineers Tapi Mra and Niku Dao was found on the second day of the search & rescue (S&R) operation on Sunday.

A release from the office of the East Kameng DC informed that two Cheetah helicopters, carrying an army officer and mountaineer Taro Hai, conducted an aerial recce and were able to reach up to Camp 2, at about 17,200 feet above MSL. The helicopters also flew over Saddle 2 and the base of Mt Chiumo to look for the missing mountaineers.

The aerial search team was able to identify tents at Camp 1 and Camp 2, along with foot tracks leading from both the camps. The team noticed that the foot tracks went from Camp 2 to a distance of approximately 15-20 metres in a northerly direction.

Later, based on information gathered during the aerial recce, a rescue team comprising seven army personnel and mountaineer Hai was inducted

to a base camp using three Cheetah helicopters and two advanced light helicopters.

The East Kameng DC is currently stationed at the army airbase to coordinate the rescue efforts along with the army.