Provide a genuine environment of competition

Like always, I will still advocate the same thing – a hardworking aspirant for government job need not be frightened of any questions. However, will the system allow them to prepare without fear and doubt in their heart for the abrupt and unprecedented fiascos and uncertainty?
That’s where the aspirants are disheartened. Many lives have been destroyed and deprived of their youthful age because of the dubious system, reprobate individuals, uncertain recruitment process, etc. Who will be responsible for this entire quagmire?
The brunt of a dubious and uncertain system has resulted in the loss of age, time, energy, money, determination, aspirations, emotions, and family responsibilities of the youths. The state of Arunachal Pradesh is undoubtedly filled with despondent youths, who are on the verge of exploding their frustration against the system, if not taken good care of.
I might sound arrogant, but I am not being one, I am just disheartened by the silence of good people being in a respected post. In a person’s life, even if he or she is preparing for the APPSC examination, it’s not necessary that they would become engineers or officers. They may fail in the prelims, they may fail in the mains, or reach viva voce and fail – anything can happen; but at least the system ought not to snatch the genuine atmosphere of competition from them.
The recent AE examination has opened a Pandora’s box. Now the truth is in front for everyone to witness the state’s worst historic scandal. As aspirants, we are still here, silently waiting for the day when the system will provide a genuine environment of competition, and hoping that our leaders would stand for our cause wholeheartedly and save Arunachal Pradesh and her future.