Anomalies in PMGSY road construction alleged

[ Karyir Riba ]

ANINI, 30 Sep: Rakhini Mipi, an RTI activist from Dibang Valley (DV) district, has alleged “huge anomalies in the execution of PMGSY road constructions by contractors and executing agencies in the entirety of the DV district.”

Mipi alleged that the quality of work has not been maintained at all, and that the inspection reports submitted by the SQM/NQM were false and fabricated.

“After thorough checking of the information received from RWD, Anini, and after physical verification of the project sites, it has been observed that there are various anomalies in the execution of the work, including wrong information being furnished to higher authorities to acquire projects without providing authentic village data from census department.

“The number of bridges and culverts approved as per DPR were not constructed, and the ones already constructed were not as per specifications. The total length, design and specification of CC drainage were not constructed as per the DPR. The population data was also twisted in the DPR, showing a high number in less populated areas.

“These and many other faults were observed in all the sites,” Mipi said.

He also sought to draw the deputy commissioner’s attention to the matter through a letter, requesting the DC to take strict action against the firms, the officials of the executing agencies, the inspecting officials (SQM/NQM), the sub-contractors, the contractors’ site engineers and the lab technicians.

He alleged that “these site engineers and lab technicians were appointed without any verification of their antecedents and qualifications.”

In his letter, the RTI activist served the DC an “ultimatum of 90 days to “rectify the entire observations, take disciplinary action against the government officials, and blacklist the firms that appointed fake engineers and lab technicians.”

He further said: “After termination of ultimatum, I will personally pursue public interest litigation against them along with your authority for no action being taken against them.”

The DC has since directed the RWD executive engineer, via a letter dated 28 September, to submit a clarification report on the observations raised in respect of the project.

When contacted, RWD AE Tasso Taking said, “The project is still ongoing and isn’t complete yet. The department, as well as the contractors, are trying to do the best possible work despite the topography and the tough terrains posing new problems every other day.

“Rain and natural calamities do not make the work any easier, providing a window of only four months or so for active construction work.

“Having said this, we do appreciate that Mipi has pointed out anomalies in the work. Since the project is still ongoing, we will surely rectify any flaws that we come across,” the EE said.

“Currently, our department is working on identifying the areas of work with anomalies that have been pointed out by Mipi. We will provide full cooperation to any complaints and will ensure that the best quality work is done on the project,” he said