Fault lines in job opportunities

In the context of recent events that have transpired relating to the misgivings of the APPSC, one issue that has gone completely under the radar is the poor condition of technical recruitment in the state.
Our institutions, including the depart-mental and the recruiting one, seem to have forgotten that there are many other technical posts apart from AE and JE that are sine qua non for the functioning of various departments and branches.
The current digital age has immense requirement of computer science graduates and electronic engineers in different capacities, but in the state they have been reduced to battle out a couple of measly seats in the AE recruitment process. If you want to feel the need for these branches, just check out the poor websites of various government depart-ments which are in dire need of proper web developers.
Various government apps are being launched and sub-contracted to private players; why not give the young computer and electronics graduates the chance in departmental recruitments? I have never seen a single proper recruit-ment notice from the higher & technical education department directorate, and do not even get me started about the science and technology department; so many technical vacancies are either wasted or given away through the backdoor channel. Every department needs a computer pro-grammer and web developer these days, but the non-civil graduates have been limited to compete either in the APSSB CGL or other non-technical exams. On the education front, I don’t understand why no regular computer teachers are recruited and only through SSA or similar schemes they are given a chance to compete.
Kendriya Vidyalayas recruit teachers on a regular basis for students with electronics as well as computer background. Even the degree of BCA or MCA would suffice for these posts. Not a single advertisement has ever come out for lecturer post in polytechnics around the state for branches other than civil, in rare cases mechanical or electrical branches get their chances once in a blue moon. Various colleges running under the state do not seem to have proper applied science pro-grammes, or else assistant professor jobs in area of BSC IT or electronic science would be up for grabs for graduates of both from technical as well as applied science background.
A willing system of governance can create so many job opportunities for the unemployed graduates of the state, so much of potential jobs are being filled either with backdoor links or wasted in contingency. The APSSB also needs to understand that its job is not properly defined. It should be recruiting every post from Group B non-gazetted to Group D, but it has been mainly limited to two annual exams of CGL and CHSL and a few Group C exams here and there.
The demand for overhauling should not only be limited to the APPSC but it should extend to the creation of vacancies in accordance with the digital world, as well as backdoor entry and contingency system should be limited to provide more seats and opportunities for the aspirants to fight for or else the system remains the same only the players change and the same game will continue.
A citizen